Podcast Catchup — Sales, Investment, Saas, and Human Resources

We’ve had an exciting set of podcasts since my last post.

We’ve covered some challenging topics with founders, such as how to scale the human resources of your startup with Rob of CharlieHR and Matt of Lyst, how to think about the sales process internally with David Clayton of True & North, and also how to think about the the sharing economy with author of the book titled “The Business of Sharing: Making it in the New Sharing Economy”, Alex Stephany.

With investors, we’ve covered sectors that are hot, how to think of business models, the ins and outs of software as a service companies, and the evolution of venture capital.

Lastly, from our very own team, Tom Wilson and I chat about the legal technology sector and our interest within it.





Written by

seed-stage investor @seedcamp | author of the http://fundraisingfieldguide.com book | podcasting at — https://m.soundcloud.com/seedcamp

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