Your Cap Table is your life!

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Ok, probably dramatising it a bit here, but now that I have your attention…

Cap Tables are more important than sometimes people give them credit for. They are the ledger of value in the company you’ve built, but they are often neglected and updated last minute or relegated to a lawyer to draft and thus hard to conceptualise and realise the impact decisions such as SAFE’s can have on your ownership long term.

To help you out with not only creating your own cap table, but also modelling out future events, check out the 3-part video series Felix Martinez and I put together to illustrate the most typical fundraising examples. Hope you enjoy them!

Episode 1 — Creating A Cap Table for an Angel Round.

Episode 2 — How to Model a Pre-Seed round with Options.

Episode 3 — How to model a Seed round with SAFEs/ASAs/and Convertible Notes.




seed-stage investor @seedcamp | author of the book | podcast/video/articles via

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Carlos E. Espinal

Carlos E. Espinal

seed-stage investor @seedcamp | author of the book | podcast/video/articles via

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